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Has anyone used Bimmercode on a 2023 F56 yet?

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried using Bimmercode on a ‘23 F56 yet?
I’ve had mine for nearly a week now and there is already a couple of things I would like to change, primarily the auto start/stop off by default and possibly the folding mirrors on locking.
I’ve never played around with coding on a car before so just a little apprehensive about it and hoping for some reassurance from others that have done it already!

Also, what OBD dongle do people recommend? I looked at the compatible ones for my car on the Bimmercode website and the only one that wasn’t crazy expensive was the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+, has anyone tried this one?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I've used Bimmercode on my '23 JCW Clubman with the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+. No issues.

Here's my list:
Advanced Crash Safety Module

  • Seat belt reminder driver seat - not active
  • Initial seat belt reminder after start - not active
  • Seat belt reminder passenger seat - not active
  • Seat belt indicator driver seat - not active
  • Seat belt reminder passenger seat - not active
Air Conditioning
  • Display color change - active
Body Domain Controller
  • Shut off iDrive system when driver door is opened - not active
  • TAmbient lighting decoupling from instrument cluster - active
  • Convenient closing with remote control - active
  • Daytime running light mode - inactive
  • Default driving mode - Comfort
  • Driving mode memory - always
  • Fog lights off with high beam - not active
  • Rain / light sensor sensitivity - normal
  • Welcome lights reversing light left- soft on
  • Welcome lights reversing light right - soft on
  • Front backrest temp L1 - 34ºC (was 32º)
  • Front Backrest temp L2 - 37C (not changed)
  • Front Backrest temp L3 - 47ºC (was 45º)
  • Boot lid opening delay .5 second (was .7)
  • Turn signals flashing on locking - 2 times
  • Turn signals flashing on unlocking - 3 times
  • Welcome light fog lights - soft on
Camera Based Driver Assistance System
  • Road edge warning - curb stone only
Front light electronics left GREYED IN UPDATE
  • Can adjust from 49% (factory) to 100% - didn’t change
Front light electronics right GREYED IN UPDATE
  • Ditto left
Head Unit
  • Warning chime - Rolls Royce
  • Ringtone - smartphone ringtone
  • Tire pressure control - display temperature and pressure
  • Display full text messages - active
  • Warning at startup - not active
  • Camera warning - not active
Instrument Cluster
  • Sport mode background image - checkered
  • Low fuel warning 1 - 20 miles
Park Distance Controller
  • Rear view camera speed switch off threshold - 5 km/h
Roof function center
  • Acoustical lock/unlock confirmation - active

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Same here - temperature added in Bimmercode, but readout is blank.
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