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Has anyone used Bimmercode on a 2023 F56 yet?

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried using Bimmercode on a ‘23 F56 yet?
I’ve had mine for nearly a week now and there is already a couple of things I would like to change, primarily the auto start/stop off by default and possibly the folding mirrors on locking.
I’ve never played around with coding on a car before so just a little apprehensive about it and hoping for some reassurance from others that have done it already!

Also, what OBD dongle do people recommend? I looked at the compatible ones for my car on the Bimmercode website and the only one that wasn’t crazy expensive was the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+, has anyone tried this one?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I use the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ and haven't had any problems. Always connects first time. My Mini is a '16 F54 and set up loads of options including the stop/start, mirrors, seat temperature, door handle lights in reverse and assorted other things. I set my stop/start to remember it's last setting and not off.
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Tyre temperature works fine on mine. Mine is a 2016 model. Different tyre sender units maybe?
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