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Has anyone used Bimmercode on a 2023 F56 yet?

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried using Bimmercode on a ‘23 F56 yet?
I’ve had mine for nearly a week now and there is already a couple of things I would like to change, primarily the auto start/stop off by default and possibly the folding mirrors on locking.
I’ve never played around with coding on a car before so just a little apprehensive about it and hoping for some reassurance from others that have done it already!

Also, what OBD dongle do people recommend? I looked at the compatible ones for my car on the Bimmercode website and the only one that wasn’t crazy expensive was the Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+, has anyone tried this one?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Has the price of BimmerCode just jumped up by £5?! I looked a week or so ago and it was £40, finally got my OBD dongle this week so looked again and it’s now £45 😕
My granddad always told me, "He who hesitates is lost".
thanks for that! 🤣
I’ve just been having a play around with Bimmercode (finally!) but I’ve noticed that in demo mode under Control Units there is ‘Seat Module Driver’ which allows you to change the seat heating memory duration which I wanted to set to Unlimited. However when actually in the car and connected the Seat Module Driver menu wasn’t listed as an option. Has anyone else found this?
I found the options for changing the heated seat temperatures in the BDC menu but there was no option there for heated memory duration 😕
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