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Hello all you mini people!!!

New to the mini world and new to this forum and very happy owner of a pepper white F56D.

For those of us having the standard radio and iPhone 6 or similar size mobile, there is a simple, no cost solution for a 4,7" high definition touch screen upgrade on your center console! All you need is a small silicone 'spot' sticker under the hazard button and a shoft silicone skin iPhone case. The iPhone rests between the spot sticker and the two rotating rubber knobs of your radio and stays in place. I've checked while driving. So you can use your iPhone6 as a center screen, have your navigation app and use the usb cable for voice direction through your speakers. You can have your music with artwork shown while scrolling between albums on your touch screen and also control your unit and volume from the steering wheel. Even download apps like G-force meter or other gauges. I am starting to like my standard radio!!! Hope this helps. Posting some pics.


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