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Barely 3 months in. I get to work this morning and notice this: :(

Hood left side in case it's hard to tell.
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Anyone have any thoughts on clear protective film for the bonnet?
OUCH! I had a similar issue when my '10 Clubman was bruised in a parking lot. It cost $1500 to repair a silly little dent cause it went through the paint, the protective invisible bra and the chrome ring around the headlight. Because the bra had to be replaced I also had to have the stripes redone (although there was no damage to them).

So while the protective bra DID save me in stone chips, it was also the reason the cost of repair was much higher. This wasn't a problem for me as I ran it through insurance once I got the quote. And no my rates did not increase because of a claim.

I guess it has it pluses and minuses but I do believe that the 3M Stone guard (as it's called) is a good value. It does protect your car from chips. So I did have it installed in my new F56

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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