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Just received my Helix intercooler this week that I pre-order several months ago. Very high quality product! I installed it this morning, pretty easy install with the exception of lining up the aluminum front support, but that's a factory thing. Took maybe an hour and a half, albeit I had a lift and quite a bit of experience on these cars. I was worried about the shear weight of the huge intercooler, but it seemed pretty secure once said and done. My first test drive and the intake air temps seem better. On the way to work it was 83F and intake temps under full load were 109F and on the way home after the install it was 90F and intake temp was 105-107. There are tons of variables that can change like how long I was cruising at low load before giving it the beans, but with this massive intercooler it's obviously going to cool better than stock and yet it still seamed like I had plenty of boost at low RPM. Need to do some more runs with good logs to really see a difference, but overall very satisfied with Helix. All that extra R&D was worth it. Hopefully a dyno is in my near future.


1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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