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Hello and thanks for welcoming me to MiniF56

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Hello, I’ve just registered having found this website following a Google search with “F56” not knowing exactly what it signified and aren’t I glad that I’ve found you lot on the MiniF56 site as I was beginning to think everyone only wanted to talk about the “older minis”

I’ll introduce myself if that’s OK

I’m a 60-year-old male living in England, 600 feet up in the Pennines; a stone’s throw from the top end of the Lake District.

I’m switching from a top spec, MX5 2ltr Sport to a new Mini Cooper having placed my order on the 14th April with Lloyd Motors in Carlisle.

Back in the early 1970’s we used to own an 850 Mini that had Chrome over riders and a Walnut Dash great fun, but then Children came along and the rest is history as they say.

For 18 years I also owned what I could be considered to be one of the very first Minis in the form of a 1935 Austin 7 Ruby that has such luxuries as 6v electrics, cable brakes, one windscreen wiper and 7.4 BHP from the 747cc engine. After all the very first 1959 Mini Minors were briefly called an Austin Seven.

My new Mini’s spec is as follows;

Mini Cooper 1.5 in Silver White with Black Roof & Mirrors.
Chilli Pack & Cloth/Leatherette Black Pearl Carbon Black Sports Seats,
Parking Assistant (which should be fun & test my nerves),
16” Black Victory Wheels,
Chrome Line Interior & Exterior, Visual Boost Radio, Space Saver,
Folding Mirrors, Anthracite Headlining & Shadow Grey Colour Line.

The only extra I want now is a delivery date, which I’ve been told is July!

Why did I want to ditch my MX5 for a new Mini Cooper, other than loosing the wind in my hair it’s a no brainer as I need to educate my 2 grandsons into the joys of a Mini, it will still be fun & a thrill to drive plus the obvious savings in Tax, Insurance & increased fuel economy helps a lot. :nerd:

One down side to the Mini is the wife’s statement that she will use MY car instead of hers NO WAY says I.:mad:

Well I will keep crossing off the days towards the provisional delivery date.
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