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Or more like middle earth :D

(Formally known as Go Kart 58 to Washy but now been updated to GoKart7 :nerd: )

So I sold my Audi A5 off - fell out of love with it - long story - and Wednesday night I woke up and blitzed over 30 dealerships around the country from home here in Worcestershire in view of ordering a mini cooper 1.5 volcanic orange.

And I did it - finally ordered it from Berry Heathrow and from someone who literally went out of her way to make the deal happen for me. At the same time their was another wonderful lady who was willing to do the same deal but circumstances colluded that we never got in touch at the right moment to make it happen - and so we had a laugh over it this morning - I wouldn't hesitate recommending them both.

From mini is gold dust and we can't do a discount because it demeans the brand to all the way to an 8% discount that I managed within the space of 12 hours - I can't wait to roll!

Mini Volcanic Orange
Cosmic Black Wheels
Black Roof and Caps
Park Pack
Media Pack
Chilli Pack
Driving Assistant Pack
JCW wheel
Seat Heating
Heated Windscreen
Dimming mirrors/Folding
Rear Camera
Chrome Ext
Comfort Access system
Piano Black Finish
Anthracite Headlining
HK Hifi
LED with Cornering Lights

I went for top spec because I'm keeping her and also I wanted to treat myself after a very bad experience with Audi over the car - it literally is a story in itself

The best thing was I got the discount I set out to get!

I'm here amongst friends - we already have a mini from 2008 - what can I say - that hasn't been said - never had a problem with her at all despite buying her used.

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Thank you all folks for the welcome!

I hope so too - but I've never been disappointed with the old mini as far as drive is concerned - obviously they are different cars but I've always felt the mini to be more planted on the road...

I sure did - thanks for the advice!

Hello back! I went for it and Thursday morning dealing was crazy but at the end I had two sales women who were giving me what I wanted - it's just that one got to me before the other and so the deal was done! I understand business but I don't appreciate anyone telling me they can't do something - anyone can if they want!

Thanks very much - I had no issues with speccing her up - as mentioned I want to keep her and more importantly I wanted to treat myself - at the end everyone got what they wanted!
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