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So I've took the plunge and ordered a new F56, status 111 with build slot currently for 3rd week of February 2022. So very far away, but reading through here it seems that the build dates are all over the place and I'm quietly hopeful it'll arrive before then.

We've ordered:

Cooper S Auto LCI2.
Chilli Red with black roof and mirrors.
Dinamica/leather JCW seats.
Nav Pack.
Comfort Plus Pack.
Heated windscreen.

I'm coming from a Seat Ateca 2.0 TSI XL and had a Mk7 Golf GTD before that and thought I would be sticking with VAG, but then they went and made a complete Horlicks of their interiors so decided to look elsewhere. No longer have a need for a big car so wanted something small and playful as a last hurrah before being forced into an EV.

Other half's dad has an R56 One that he bought on impulse as he said it was so fun to drive he had to have it. Seeing that he's a bloke with zero interest in cars, I took this as a great recommendation on the brand!

Turns out he was right. Only Cooper S I could get a test drive in was a slightly used 5-Door Exclusive LCI1 with no options whatsoever, and just that short drive with the strictest ever salesperson was enough to convince me. The Ateca is a brilliant car, can't fault it in any way as a car, but it's not exactly a fun thing to chuck down B roads.

Spec wise, would have liked the HK stereo and heated steering wheel but decided the Comfort Plus was probably of more practical use and the budget on this one was pretty tight so had to spec carefully. Feel a bit better knowing that the HK is currently unavailable (can't miss what you never had and all that) and reading through threads on here it seems it's one of those "nice to have" options, rather than an essential. Heated wheel does sting a bit though, had one on an Astra courtesy car and it was about the only thing I liked about it! Also, I understand that bundling popular options together in packs is useful for those going the PCP route, but as a Motability customer it's really rather frustrating. Would have liked to add the electronic parking brake and active cruise, but no separate options available :mad:.

I'm particularly looking forward to having a car that wants to be driven, with actual physical buttons and no annoying lane keep or blind spot assists. For some reason they just distract me - a bit worrying for a safety feature...

So excited and cannot wait for that first proper drive! Would love to hear about your first day with your MINI.
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