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Hello there you guys;

This is Onur Baspinar, I am from Istanbul/Turkey. I am 32 years old majored in Social Media Marketing at UCSD and founded the MINIPassion - MINI Car Club Turkey at 2004. Ever since me and my team organizes events, road trips not only domestic but also international.

Two years ago as MINIPassion we manage to start the MINI Takes EU with 8 EU countries and we managed to have the second one this year through awesome Stelvio, San Bernardinho, Furka and Albula passes. You can find the MPTEU Vol 1, and MPTEU Vol 2 videos at our youtube page.

I probably owned more then 30 MINI's up to today, but right now I do own 2 F56 MINI Cooper S and a R59 John Cooper Works. I will share the pictures as soon as a hit 5 posts. Blazing red one has JCW Pro Exhaust and the Midnight black one has JCW 18' Rims with the 4 piston JCW breaks.

Cheers to everyone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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