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Hello from Down Under

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G'Day! Another Aussie here. :)

Long time lurker, first time poster.

It's been great reading through the forum and speccing up my soon to be ordered MINI. Can't place that order until I decide on a colour which is proving to be near on impossible. I'm now down to two colours which is quite an achievement and has been a real process let me tell you.

I'm interested in pics of MINI's to help me make this final decision so will be loitering around everyone's garages. Hope you all don't mind.

I'd also love to hear from from other Aussie's or anyone really who can provide tips on negotiating with their dealer. I know every car brand is different and this being my first MINI I'm not sure how much wriggle room they have.

Thanks and I'll see you all around.
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Hey Skippy
I settled on the Deep Blue. Where abouts are you! I ordered mine from Mini Garage Sydney. Is this your first Mini?
You'll obviously have more bargaining power if you grab one off the showroom floor. But no doubt if you're ready to order then and there, generally speaking dealers will throw things in to sweeten the deal.
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