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Hello to all,

I have been keeping an eye on the forum for a while and thought it was time to join and introduce myself, you know rather than stalking!

Fancied a change from my 2012 Fiesta Zetec S so started shopping around, started at Mini (after some coaxing from the misses) and then to other brands and so on and so forth. After test driving what seemed like every car out there I came to the conclusion the Mini was by far the best choice! It's the only one that stuck out, I even preferred it to the A class I tried!

So I placed my order 17th March and went for a Mini One... As sceptical as I am of its 1.2i engine I'm assured it's got enough oomph and since ordering it, facts and figures have been released and it's apparently has a identical top speed and 0-60 as my Zetec S!

Also as I still fall under the "high risk driver" for insurance purposes the 1.2i is saving me a pretty penny on my premium! And who can grumble at 60+ MPG and £20 a year tax!:nerd:

So on to the car...

I've gone for volcanic orange with some extras:
Media pack Xl
Harmon Kardon speakers
Automatic lights and wipers
Elec folding wing mirrors
Rear view camera
Rear PDC
Extended interior lighting
Automatic air con
Velour mats
Model deletion

I think that's all. Didn't particularly get a deal worth shouting about although that's what I was expecting on a new release. I did get the rear PDC as a freebie due to a hiccup though so not all bad.

The only thing I would have liked to get was the sports seats although I sacrificed them for the Kardon upgraded which for me was an obvious choice for me and I'm sure the basic seats will be comfortable enough!

Now the wait.... Originally I was told 30th May collection date although it seems to have been put back to 26th June a long with the rest of the orders! Although as it's not diesel and not black/white roof here's to hoping!

My only hope for the car.... My brother owned at a 1982 classic mini which was amazing fun to be in.... I just hope that fun continues! From what I've read, I won't be disappointed!

Well that's it for my introduction, hopefully the wait won't be to long so I can be another proud Mini owner!

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Thank you all for you warm welcomes.

When test driving the Cooper, that was volcanic orange, its just seemed like the best choice of colour and when I was told it was the free option it was just the icing on the cake! I must say though since ordering I have not seen another in the flesh and the pictures I have seen make it look very yellow! Is this the case or are my eyes playing tricks on me? I remember it being distinctivly orange.

As for the HK, I had been strongly advised to get them and after seeing the set up on the HK site I am very excited to hear them.

Patience is a virtue....
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