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soon to be a proud owner of a BRG MCS 3 door. Been on these forums for over 8 months now, and i have learned so much about the car. Took me a good 3 months just to be certain of each option i got on my MCS, as everything here is super pricey due to our 200% import tax. That said, in its price, and given the selection of cars available in India , the MCS was by far the best option for me. I got:

- BRG Colour
- 16" victory spoke black wheels with Run Flats (Standard)
- Visual Boost with HK (no nav)
- Leatherette seats ( i thought the cloth/leather ones didnt look or feel premium at all)
- Piano black surface and Red colour line
- DDC and Sports Transmission with JCW steering wheel
- Anthracite headliner

The India config has a lot of packs standards, such as PDC, rain sensors, automatic transmission (which i upgraded), exterior mirror package, storage package, mini connected, sports seats etc. Sticker shock for sure tho, as this config costs ~43,000 GBP.

I thought long and hard about the wired package (includes XL and Nav) and the HUD, but ultimately, to me it makes little sense to spend ~4000 GBP for what is essentially a larger screen and a GPS. The HUD is pointless without nav, so id rather save some coin and get a mini click and drive.

all of this is a far cry from what i started out with, the XL, HUD, led cornering lights and fogs, all of which after so much help from this forum i eliminated as "must - haves". Still on the fence about CA though, i think i might miss it. Its ridiculous that the MINI doesnt have it but a 2000GBP CAR has it standard. TATA Nano, worlds cheapest car, has keyless entry as standard in its top variant, but the MINI which costs 20x the cost of the nano, does not. supper pissed about that.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with my MCS and vacuuming the wealth of knowledge and experience people have with this lovely little machine.

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Sounds fantastic and i like your budgeting and thinking-did the same with the cornering lights but i was desperate for the hud and at the time you could only order it with sat nav. I do like it but as you say you can def manage without!
Re the keyless entry-the std system is great-simply open with the fob, put it in your pocket or have it on your person adn drive off; i have never felt the need for the keyless entry! I chose to manage without metallic paint and saved the cash! Enjoy your car when it comes!
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