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Hello from Oxford, a little story from the new home of MINI

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Hi guys, just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Cameron and I am a serial Mini orderer (or so one could believe going by my past 18 mths of MINI misfortune...)

This is MINI Anonymous....Isn't it....?

I have just ordered my THIRD Mini Cooper S, yet up until this time I have NEVER owned one as each time before, something changed and I either ended up keeping the current car or changing it for the MK7 GTi (a very good car BTW but NO MINI....) and now I have finally just placed my order for a new MCS Auto.
After many days of deliberation and hours spent playing with the configuration, I finally whittled it down to a Midnight Black Auto with LED's, 18" Alloys and H.K as the main options with a few nice touches thrown in along the way. I had considered the Volcanic Orange but find myself to be a bit of a wilting violet when it comes to standing out, so decided it probably best for me to go with darker less aggressive colours..... Hence Black!
I was going to go for Power fold Mirrors too until the dealer told me they only work on the button and not the remote so saw no real benefit as I know from experience I forget to pull them in when I park.

Anyway, I had this configuration until yesterday.... Thats when I saw Julians Moonwalk Grey MCS and that was it, it had to be changed.
I had seen the picture of him at Hendricks MINI in the US but the car was partially obscured and I couldn't be sure. Then, just before ordering I looked again but couldn't find it.
Ho Hum, thought I, I will go with Black as I had the last two times I chose the car.

But something has been eating away inside of me. I knew I had made the most terrible of mistakes, my body didn't need the big wheels with the lets face it (at least from my countless BMW experience's) bloody awful run flats that make your teeth chatter when you go over a pothole and allow you to know whether it was heads or tails up when you drive over a 50 pence piece!
A long time ago I asked should I go Auto? Well it required little deliberation as with a buggered clutch knee and a lower back ain't too clever either nowadays, the ease of drive and comfort have to be paramount. Not really too wise going for 18" Alloys with Run Flats then after all......
This took me to start an investigation of the standard vs variable suspension which brought me trawling across the massive inter web and led me to this wonderful bright and shiny site where everyone appears as excited about the Mini as I.....
It was here I also found I needed to add the Media XL Pack (after all, I get lost in my own back yard).
And finally, whilst covering the glossy pages of this site, I came across the Moonwalk Grey MCS of Julians.
I was fate! It had to be!
I had to get that order changed. My eyes lit up when I saw the Moonwalk Grey, they danced around the picture drinking it all in. The contrasts between the roof and the body, the dark between top and bottom and finally, the black wheel and bonnet stripes to finish off the mix.

I have therefore now (after a call to the sales department late yesterday afternoon) just sent an entire spec change for my MCS Auto and sometime around the 1st of September, I hope to be the proud owner of the following

MINI Cooper S Auto
Moonwalk Grey
Chili Pack
Black Roof and Mirrors
Black Bonnet Stripes
Black 17" Alloys
Cloth/leatherette Black Pearl Carbon Black/Carbon Black Interior
Anthracite Headlining
Colour Line Carbon Black
Chequered Trim
Harman Kardon Audio
Media Pack XL
Variable Damper Control
LED headlights and daytime running lights

Plus all the other glorious free stuff that comes along to join me on my MINI adventure.

Anyway, that's me, I hope you like the look of the car and I hope to become a regular on the site once I have a little more experience and knowledge of the F56

Here's hoping my changes make it through in time......
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Additional spec


Just to let you know the folding mirrors do work on the remote.
Well thanks for that Washy!
I have now added the Power Fold Mirrors to the total spec.
I shan't be having any chocolate for long many a month and as for the children's new shoes, that will be the last of their worries, I think they better get used to making the matches down at the sulphur factory...>:D
Merely trying to be helpful and informative:D
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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