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Hello from Portugal

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Hello !

My name is Paulo
Living in Portugal

I am interested in purchasing a mini. Walk through this forum trying to gather information. I have learned so much with you all.

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And I thought we all sat around and talked nonsense (not you though G7, not you....):laugh:
I've seen everything here friend :D

talking seriously ... never had any mini so I'm loving your course read the good and bad experiences

yesterday I went to test drive a cooper d in lisbon

let's see if I do business or not
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let's see friends what i will decide ...

I am waiting for the final figures sd cooper

p.s. sorry my english
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Something I did not like yesterday's test

I think the driver's seat could go down some more
I have to admit that it took me a while to get comfy but I find the sports seats that come with a chill pack car, offer much better range of motion and get me comfy quicker than the standard ones.

But like I say, it can take a while to fully get the seat exactly correct.

Unless of course you are seven foot tall...!
i have 6 foot tall

my bmw 1 series i can have a lower driving
Bem-vindo :D
The cooper SD will be release when?
I hope have some news monday...
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