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Hello South Wales!

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Hello, Thought id post to see if there was anyone from South Wales on here..?!
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Hey Guys, Another Cooper S from South Wales :)

I've got a 15 plate 3door in Thunder Grey. I work in Cardiff but live near Ystrad Mynach so I drive up the A470 Everyday.
Be cool to organise a photo shoot for us :)

I don't live in Wales but have friends who do, is the A470 the one that runs up from the M4 to Brecon or the one from Brecon to Myther? The first is a great road although need to look out for the boys in blue ;)
That's the one! a great road to drive on, when you've driven it day in day out you learn where they might be. I drove it in full last Sunday with my GoPro attached to the front end.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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