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Hello MINI friends!!
Let me talk a little about myself. I am 16 years old, I live in Mexico and i am Mexican. I love MINIs because i've loved cars since I have use of reason... and MINIs are the best hot hatches out there... I learned to drive in my father's manual 2000 Jetta VR6 when I was 11 (I was such a mess at speed bumps). My "first" car was a 1995 Toyota Tacoma (3 years ago) I used it to drive little distances, as i was still learning. That truck suddenly broke down and i was left with no car =(. When i was in high school i always used my father's cars until I got a 2009 Audi A3 1.8TFSI. It had problems with the DSG trans and i decided to sell it. So my dad gave me two options: study high school in another country or a new car, so i obviously went straight to the dealership and fulfilled my dream:
2015 Mini Cooper S
-Pepper white exterior colour
-Black roof/mirror covers
-Black stripes
-LED headlights and foglams
-Mini Connected(small screen)
-Double stripe Carbon Black interior (my favourite)
-Black Checkered interior trim
-17in Cosmos spoke wheels
I love my little car, eventhough i can only get a can of peanuts in the trunk, it compensates it widely when driving. Right now it has 2,500km or aprox 1,500 miles. 2 days ago, i had it customized by a vinil expert, and designed it myself. Results are amazing i believe.
-Chili red linings on factory bonnet stripes
-Chili red front stripe
-Chrome delete on front
-GP style stripes on roof (Matte black with chili red linig)
I still plan to paint my rims in black and my calipers in red, and install Remus exhaust system.
So thanks for reading and hope to be friends with you !!!
Greetings form Mexico


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Nice car :)

You've had as many cars as me in ten years of driving (28years old), out of curiosity how do you need to be to drive in Mexico?
Well, Christian, ive really really had two haha the toyota and the mini.
Legally i can drive when im 15, but my parents actually wanted me to mature faster, so i learned early. Eventhough i drove like 3 years illegaly, no police officer has ever pulled me over because i`ve never done anything wrong, and i`ve never had an accident(And i hope i never will)
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Welcome! A great story. You are lucky to have such a great car so young.

In the UK it would be difficult and expensive to get insurance for an S at your age.
Thats so bad! Here in Mexico insurance isnt that high really. Thanks man. I know God has given me a lot and i will be thankful of it forever
16 year olds can't even drive in the UK!

(well, not on the public roads anyway)

I'd have killed for a car like that when I was 17 :) congratulations
Thanks man!! I know its awesome !!!
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