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Had my VO MCS for almost a year now and still head over heels. I've had quite a mixed bag of previous performance cars Toyota T Sports, Civic Type r, mx5, my97 turbo impreza and my last car 08 STI Impreza which I traded in for the Mini.
I'm guessing you'll hate me for this but I never really saw the attraction of the earlier minis and always thought they missed the premium tag they where given.
However after getting my hopes up for the new Wrx Sti coming to the UK which was dashed when the announced that this was not the case, I started looking around and thought I'd get a cheap track day car to go and do the odd track day and keep my scoob for best. I decided to buy a 182 cup in inferno orange with all the bits, lowered, speedline turinis etc. It was a great car and although I only had it a few month it was nothing but trouble and swore never to buy a French car again! This little car did however put me back to a time where sub 200bhp and just over a tonne was once a pinnacle of hot hatches and thought me how much fun you can have without the seriousness of fastest 0-60 etc. Long story short I discovered that power and 0-60 times wasn't the be all or end all. Subaru had announced that the new STI would be coming to UK shores but with the same troublesome power unit as previous send was reluctant to exchange my scoob for a new one when so little technical progress had been made.
So I waited and then read some reviews of Fiesta St vs MCS and liked what I was reading so visited local dealers. I really wanted the Fiesta but it was just....dare I say it.....a bit boy racer IMHO.... and didn't even take one for a test drive, maybe I should have reading further reviews. However I then visited mini and took a MCS out for a test drive and was very impressed. Yes it's not as fast as the scoob but the difference was as noticeable as you may think mainly down to the MCS delivering max torque at 1250 ish rpm opposed to 3500rpm for the scoob. Did the deal on the day for a VO MCS with Chilli pack and Led lights with a few other bits. Took delivery last Feb and never looked back, only regret I have is that I wish I'd waited for the JCW but you've always got to aspire to something right?

Thanks for your time..... Nosbor


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