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HELP!!! Battery trouble :(

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Hi all,

Bit of an SOS from me this eve...I've had a warning from the car regarding the battery (picture below), saying its using too mush power when stationary. Took the car for a 40 min drive with stop-start and air conditioning off etc. When I got home and turned it off it said the battery was very low and I should take the car for a drive. Repeated the process but I've just got the same warning.

Has anyone else had this? Any advice?



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The battery in the new MINI models drains very quickly. Start-stop wouldn't work if the battery was low, so that's not an option. Have you measured the current on the battery, when the engine is running and when it's off?
Do you have an error while the engine is running?

Keep an eye on it, when it keeps on coming back you should go to the dealer. Could be a software thing if hardware is ruled out..
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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