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HELP!!! Battery trouble :(

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Hi all,

Bit of an SOS from me this eve...I've had a warning from the car regarding the battery (picture below), saying its using too mush power when stationary. Took the car for a 40 min drive with stop-start and air conditioning off etc. When I got home and turned it off it said the battery was very low and I should take the car for a drive. Repeated the process but I've just got the same warning.

Has anyone else had this? Any advice?



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- Make sure you're turning off the electronics when you leave the car, either by hitting the Start/Stop switch a second time or by locking the doors.

- What are your drives like? Quick <15 min typical drives?

- Are you using accessories while the engine isn't running?

- You may just want to take it to the dealer to test the battery

Thanks for the replies!

Most of my journeys are indeed sub-15 min, and I don't sit in my car just using stuff, BUT I live in central London so its often on the maybe in that respect yes.

Really hope it starts in the morning :(
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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