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HELP....Bonnet Stripes.??????????????????

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Hi Folks.

I have a question for you all.....When you order your MINI and specify the bonnet stripes as an option are they fitted by the factory or done at the dealership.

The reason I am asking is that we're due to take delivery of our Cooper D in VO,black roof and black alloys and stripes on this Thursday and they have one outside that looks like it could be ours apart from the bonnet stripes as this did not have them fitted nor did it have the chrome exterior pack like we ordered please please tell me that the factory fit the stripes as the spec from what I could see is like ours minus the chrome and the stripes.:(

As this looks like it could be a another dealer error.

Thanks in advance for responding.:)
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My stripes aren't listed on the options on this website, although they are listed on the documents the dealer prepared, so I feel confident the dealer didn't err. Could there be cases where the plant intentionally leaves it to the dealer to install the stripes? Hmmm... now I'm left hanging wondering if my car will arrive with or without stripes.
Wheee! when I was shopping it came to my attention that stripes weren't painted on but vinyl stick-ons. I also noticed some old MINIs with lots of cracking (or is it crazing?) on the stripes, so I was hesitant too until I was assured it would be a long time, if ever, that this would happen, and then new ones could be installed. Obviously, being garage-kept and out of the sun diminishes this problem too. My salesman and on-line posters have also confirmed that MINI doesn't paint them on at the factory because it's too expensive. Still think it would be better though, in looks and durability.

My "expected delivery date" is Oct. 9. We'll see.
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