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HELP....Bonnet Stripes.??????????????????

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Hi Folks.

I have a question for you all.....When you order your MINI and specify the bonnet stripes as an option are they fitted by the factory or done at the dealership.

The reason I am asking is that we're due to take delivery of our Cooper D in VO,black roof and black alloys and stripes on this Thursday and they have one outside that looks like it could be ours apart from the bonnet stripes as this did not have them fitted nor did it have the chrome exterior pack like we ordered please please tell me that the factory fit the stripes as the spec from what I could see is like ours minus the chrome and the stripes.:(

As this looks like it could be a another dealer error.

Thanks in advance for responding.:)
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put your chassis into the VIN decoder see if they are on there.
Thanks is this what you mean..

If so the 1st time I put my vin number in it showed a CHILLI RED MCS,so I tried again and got this message....No data related to 3A06010 was found!

Hi,I've just spoken to MINI customer services and have confirm that the options we ordered are on the car including bonnet stripes.....woohoo pannick over and thanks guys and girls for the help..:):):)

profiteroles..The VIN number I have is the correct one as I had it confirmed at the same time as confirming the spec thanks anyway.:)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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