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Hello, everyone, I am from China and I recently got a second hand F56 1.5T mini cooper hatch which was produced in 2014/07 by Born Plant, Holland. A bad smell can be sensed inside the cabin when the engine is fully warm during normal driving especially when the window is open. Also, this smell can be sensed clearly when I open the hood during idle if the engine is fully warm.
This smell is not the so-called new car smell but a kind of unpleasant smell. After I searched this issue on internet and found many Chinese car owners with this same model and similar production date range have the same problems and complaint. Today I called the MINI service hotline and know that this car model produced before 2015/08 by Born Plant do have such issue and it is because of bad quality of certain batch of anti-corrosion wax used inside car body before 2015/08.Only Born plant is effected. Oxford plant is all good. I also get the advise from this hotline operator that I could go to MINI dealer for tearing the car apart and cleaning the wax off for free.

I want to know if you guys from other countries with the same model have the similar issue?

Thanks in advance!

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