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Help required: Contrast roof and the ongoing delay!

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So, yesterday I get a call from the manager of my dealer to inform me that he's been in touch with MINI UK about the delays with my car and that without doubt the problem is the contrast roof. I find this really hard to believe due to the number of F56's I have seen on this and other forums with a contrast roof.

In order to have some ammunition to fight my case I would like the help of those who have taken delivery of their F56 with a contrast roof. For those who are happy to help can you let me know the date you ordered your car and the date you received it, also the model and the body/roof colour combo.

Thanks in advance,

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Here's one

Their was no delay in the roofs

Their was just a factory closing in order to accommodate the problems specifically logistics when all the problems kicked off

Their is no contrast roof delay

I repeat their is no delay it's a polite way of saying that Mini screwed up D engine orders and they have to come back into the fold

That's all their is to it

Also confirmed by my mate that works at BMW

He also laughed that their was never a Harmon Kardon delay


Work it out folks we've been done in - I will also point out what others have said on here and me myself a while back

All dealers have allocations - if they take your order that doesn't mean that goes in at that moment in time as defo - it means it's in a queue according to allocations for that dealership - example if the dealer has submitted monthly allocations for that month then it carries over etc etc

Thing is if you add the D problems then that one scenario just multiplied and got worse for the individual customer on wait

Folks this is it their is nothing more to it
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I hear you G7, and that's why I'm trying to gather this info. I ordered 17th April and after further delays now looking at 18th August for collection.

I'm just fed up with all the bull s**t excuses. It won't get my car built any quicker, but the getting the truth out of someone would at least be a little satisfying! To be told it's just the roof knowing this to be false is really winding me up. I want to see how they try to explain why others who ordered after me, with a contrast roof, have already taken delivery!

I get that each dealer has allocated slots, but the other day mine let slip that they've sold less than expected and my order was only a couple of weeks after launch, so I doubt that they filled their allocations at that point!
You will have to hang on - I cancelled my order as many on here know after 2 months with Berry Heathrow - the lack of information and respect was absolutely staggeringly terrible at the end

I went to Bristol Dick Lovett - and told them that I didn't want the car in August for which they could have got it in I wanted the 64 plate taking into consideration I'd get some extra value on the new plate - they agreed - for the sake of few weeks I took it

The running joke I'm on a 5 month wait and no one has beaten me yet - you will come close - in fact I ordered first week of April before I cancelled it first week June and ordered again

I agree - I hate the lies - I've got to the truth but do not expect anyone especially a dealer, a sales manager or a dealer principle to let you in.

They won't - and I think it's bad for business - even if we have mostly all waited we'd be very happy to do so if the truth were told than be subjected to crap
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The great 'contrast roof delay' debate... they're lying - or do they just need to get their collective finger out to get more MINI Coopers out there on the road...?!

Even though my contrast roof MINI Cooper D was delivered at the end of June, this debate has interested me as, when I visited the factory, the only delay they talked about was with the diesel engine.

(Just-in-Time manufacturing relies upon the delivery of components running like clockwork. If a major component - as in the engine - is not available, the whole factory is forced to stop. I was told by the guys in Oxford that it took two weeks to reorganise the production schedule, removing all diesel cars... and it's safe to assume that adding them back in has caused some further delay).

Like GoKart7, I also have some (non-dealership) BMW contacts and they reckon that the paintshop IS the logjam - because painting the roof white or black is a second process which is done after the whole bodyshell is painted in the chosen colour.

It stands to reason that, as BMW/MINI were completely honest about the early diesel engine issue (potentially much more serious & embarrassing), they would not be likely to fabricate stories of delays in the paintshop and with HK audio systems.

NB: the Dutch factory officially starts F56 production next week, according to the NEDcar website, so that should help. I wonder if any of those cars will come 'home' to the UK?

For those waiting for cars - hold on! - the new MINI is superb... I'm driving a Ford Focus hire car today in Holland (with every toy imaginable!) and it is the complete opposite of superb!!

There endeth my missive on this topic. I really think they're doing their best to make more MINI drivers happy - I'm loving mine!
Ah ha but it's not quite as easy as that

Let me just say this

We as customers stand on centre ground - we expect an order a build a completion a delivery

Only Mini and BMW messed up the Diesel engines.

The Diesel engines may have caused chaos - chaos like a log jam at the roof paint shop for arguments sake but here is the thing.

If you stand in that centre ground and ordered earlier especially a petrol and all earlier orders have gone up in the air due to allocations - delays - build slots being extended without your knowledge - this would be the real reason for why some of us are stuck in the clog to say

These things have not been truthfully dispatched to customers from BMW/Mini - I reckon this is wrong because it's a part of logistics be it build logistics - you only have to look on here where a lot of people have ordered later and got their cars and others have ordered earlier and will be waiting or not for longer.

Paint shop issues are no issues unless a specific colour cannot be produced.

So I ask you - black and white are the easiest colours in the world to reproduce are they not? It's not like it's a certain metallic or tint like Jaguar had some years back with some of their paint options.

Not that I like having the last word - feel free for any one to chip in the more the merrier - but seriously that is it.

Early failure of Diesel orders has caused BMW/Mini to get away with the most stupid of excuses - the truth is imagine them having to say but you can't have your car earlier than him or her that ordered 1/2 months later than you because you're stuck in a backlog with Diesel orders - which means you have to wait - tough.

See what I mean? Would you be happy if you were told that? Would we be happy if a lot ofus heard that?

Probably not - but maybe some of us could commend the honesty of a huge empire like BMW/Mini
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Well all I can say is good luck to everyone

Until someone comes along and beats my 5 month waiting time then at the end I'm all out winning this game (like I've said so many times already!)


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