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Help required: Contrast roof and the ongoing delay!

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So, yesterday I get a call from the manager of my dealer to inform me that he's been in touch with MINI UK about the delays with my car and that without doubt the problem is the contrast roof. I find this really hard to believe due to the number of F56's I have seen on this and other forums with a contrast roof.

In order to have some ammunition to fight my case I would like the help of those who have taken delivery of their F56 with a contrast roof. For those who are happy to help can you let me know the date you ordered your car and the date you received it, also the model and the body/roof colour combo.

Thanks in advance,

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I am not sure this has any bearing on your problem. Different dealers seems to have more or less clout in the pecking order when it comes to new car allocations. Yes, there have been problems with roof painting and diesel engines, but dealer allocations also play their part.
But for what it's worth, I have a pepper white petrol cooper with black roof, ordered on the 21st March, received 2nd July.
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