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Mine has got 1800 km / 1125 miles and I run into the following issues. By the way, I have a 6 speed manual tranmission on my Cooper S.

- a squeeking noise that lasts for 1 to 2 seconds when I put my car in reverse and move backwards
- especially when the drivetrain and engine are warmed up I hear a bit of a singing/howling noise coming from the drivetrain. This disappears when while driving putting the car in neutral to come back right away when engaging a gear again. It's not really loud but annoying once you pay attention to it and I'm confident that the car didn't make this noise when I picked it up last month
- last week it happened 2 times that standing still in front of a traffic light after a short ride on the highway my car started humming and vibrating and the revs dipped for a few seconds so I thought the engine was going to turn of. This all came back to normal after a few seconds
- i have problems sometimes shifting down from 5th to 4th gear making me really have to pull the shifter in 4th

Advice from Mini aftersales and technicians vary from "nothing to worry about, it's just new part wearing in and getting used to each other" to "the car needs a check to make sure everything is ok"

Don't know if this is something to worry about but the car is going to de dealership for a check just to be on the safe side.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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