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Hi, I'm new to the Forum, but I see there is a wealth of knowledge to be found here.

I have just ordered a Volcanic Orange Cooper D.
The one difficulty is selecting wheels. For me the best current option is to go with the 17 inch Black Cosmos style since the number of compatible after market wheels seems somewhat limited at present.

I particularly like the BBS RGR wheel - but they don't make them any more. But this would be my 'ideal' look.

I have found a couple of wheels that might be okay:
(If I knew how to transpose them onto an F56 photo, I would, but I can't!)


And the other is:


Any ideas very welcome !!!

Mike, Nottingham.

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I too have ordered the Black Cosmos wheels which Im hoping will look awesome on a BRG MCSD with black bonnet stripes :)

I would agree that those BBS wheels look sweet too.
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