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Help with Minimalism / Goldfish

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Ok guys, not sure why I can't see or find this but can someone point me in the right direction to find the bloody goldfish please?!!!

Tried everything I can think of i.e. from main menu settings and vehicle status etc! Thanks.
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The only ref to goldfish that I'm aware of is that the front end of the car ( especially in VO ) is supposed to resemble a goldfish ?!
Ok think I have it sorted! You have to have bluetooth on the mobile, paired with the car to enable Minimalism and then access to the goldfish bowl! They don't make it easy - unless I'm stupid!!
You can also get the fish without the phone... you need to be in green mode, then it's under MINIMALISM > Minimalism Analyser (pretty sure).
For some reason it wasn't showing up until I connected and chose Minimalism but it's there now without being on bluetooth so will try it out tomorrow am when I go to the gym.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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