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Hi everyone,

I'm a German expat living in Alabama. I have a MCS-A, Moonwalk Gray (or Grey for the Non-US readers), white roof/mirrors/stripes, Tentatcle spokes "Awaiting Transport".
My wife picked the colo(u)rs and spokes, I was given the task to pick the extras (and it was not easy to restrain myself).
I ordered on 24 Sep 2014 and the production date was 13 Oct 2014, so I've been happy with the time line so far.
The Mini will eventually move back with us to Europe when my assignment is over, so I can unleash it on the German Autobahn >:D, although the non-US gas prices will probably somehow dampen the joy :eek::crying:.

Take care
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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