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Hi one and all,

After visiting the forum on many occassions since ordering my MC in BRG, black roof/rims, Chili Pack etc. Thought since I have made valuable use of information gained on the in the interior lighting, and amended my order to now have the eliptical door lights (Dark Cottonwood) thought I would say Hi.

This is my first ever car and still to pass my test, I will also add that I am 37. Too many stories and accidents as to why it has taken so long. But finally I am learning and due to sit my test soon'ish.

I orginally ordered (Marvin) back on April 5th, estimated delivery June 10th. After speaking to the Dealers today, build date week 27, delivery week 29. So not as long a wait as some of you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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