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Hi from Florida, US!

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Hoping to order a 2015 F56 JustaCooper as soon as MINI allows ordering. I think the launch date is July 1st, so I'm hoping to order in a month or so. I haven't decided on a color yet - probably blazing red or deep blue... although I hear there maybe be a couple new colors avail in the 2015.
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LOL, what a fun bunch you are! Lemonsquash is just a ridiculous nickname my boyfriend gave me years ago when we were laughing at how couples give each other cutsie wootsie pet names. I called him geekburger. I ended up using lemonsquash for screennames thereafter because it's ALWAYS available, which also makes it easier to remember.

So there you have it.
Patch, I had a Chili Red convertible 2 MINIs ago and got several speeding tickets. Could have also been the meatball numbers on the doors. Or the plate that said "FSTR PLS" (faster please). ;-)
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