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Hi guys,

Greetings from Ibiza (Spain). Glad to be part of the forum after reading it for a couple months.

I have a Moonwalk Grey MC, black roof and black 16", almost fully specced on order... Hoping to get it by mid June. Super excited... It'll be my first MINI. Decided to buy after testing about 20 different cars. I was in the market for a small crossover or a small utilitarian car so tested almost all of the brands out there, tested electric cars (Zoe and i3), even tested hybrids and brands ranging from expensive to more affordable... but my search was over when i borrowed a friends rented MINI MC D (outgoing model) :eek: ... I had never had so much fun in a car, tossing it full speed on a curvy B road, for just 10 minutes!. I stepped out of the car feeling like a small kid when he first gets a video game console hahaha... euphoric!.

A week later I rented out that same MC D and drove it for 3 days around the island... Had such a great time that I forgot about practicality or my initial thought of buying a crossover (which would be great for the local dirt roads and so on). The boredom of the rather 'standarised' crossover vehicles made me feel 15 years older than I am. However, the quick reaction and acceleration of the MINI, and that torque... made me an addict instantly.

I haven't test driven the f56 MC, I waited for it's release and bought it after reading so many positive reviews. If I enjoyed the outgoing MC D, I'm going to be out of this world with the 1.5 Petrol 3-cylinder... I can't imagine how i could go wrong. Plus the build quality of the interior and how it really seems we're getting a piece of the future with this car, the first of a saga that will use this chasis (also some BMW's) really makes you feel like you've bought something of value.

In short, super excited and can't wait to drive it. I will be asking some questions about customisation; I want to make my MC look a little more sporty/rally worth but staying within the boundaries that the official warranty and the local authorities dictate. Any help with those matters will be much appreciated. I will try to help others too if I have some info.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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