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Hi all, new member from Australia. Curious about the latest MINI Cooper/S. Never owned a mini before but have owned a few FWD hatchbacks and a RWD sedan at one point.

I love the look of the MC inside and out, and am considering a test drive here in Brisbane. The promise of "go cart" handling and decent performance even from the 1.5 MC are alluring. The 2.0 MCS is even more alluring... But really pushing the limits of my budget.

Which brings me to a few key things that make me nervous, including cost of options (!) and long term running costs (servicing and reliability, especially outside warranty). I've read and watched plenty of reviews from journos, but I know that a motoring journo spends a short amount of time hooning around in a car, but it's owners and enthusiasts who know what a car is like to live with.

Which brings me to this forum. ;) Would love to get the opinions and experiences of members here to help make more informed choices about whether a new MC is a good choice or not and whether most options are worth it or not (considering going bare base with as few options as possible). Be especially informative to hear about buying and running experiences here in Australia.

Anyway, that's me and that's how I found the forum. Heaps more questions to come...
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