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Hi all, new mini owner (almost, so close now!) from the UK here.

I'm a bit of a petrol head, love my old Hondas, but need a modern motor for work commute. I had an R56 Cooper S back in 2007, loved it (after the dash rattles were sorted out), then paid for the JCW engine tune upgrade, brilliant...... So for me the mini is one of the few modern cars I actually like.

So, it arrives next week, this time ive gone for the 1.5 cooper turbo, it just felt like the one to have, sorry guys but the styling on the new 's' is just a bit off for me :eek:..... and I've a sneaky suspicion that a remap on the little 1.5 will be very special.

I had ordered pepper white...... The a day before it went into production the wife ordered a new car, in white, and since we can't have 2 cars the same colour (what???!), I lost the coin toss and changed colour..... Secretly over the moon about it, volcanic orange, oh yes :)

Now then...... My CD collection, need to find out the best android phone app to get my CD's on, any links/advice would be well recieved!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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