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Found this great forum searching for help for a fix for my wife's 2014 Cooper S, which is due to have its warranty expire this spring. The car runs great and I love driving it (when my wife lets me!), but it has a bad smell that comes into the cabin from the ac system at startup that goes away in less than a minute. It has been in the shop 3 or 4 times for this same problem, but the fix never lasts. They've kept the car for days sometimes, and have said, at least once, that they took out the dash to attempt to fix the problem. Another time there was a several day wait for a cleaning fluid that had to be shipped from Germany. I've lost confidence in the service department and am concerned that the warranty expiration is nearing. But today I found a thread started here by Benamoto about this same exact issue and someone posted a pdf of a Mini technical service repair that I have reposted.

My question is, does this bulletin, which includes photos and specs for the repair, apply to my wife's 2014 Cooper S? And if so, if she takes it to the dealer, is he required to do the repair? I have a hard time believing he is unaware of this fix, and the car was just in the shop last month for this issue. All they did was change the filters and the lovely smell is back already.

If I should have posted this under Benamoto's thread, please let me know and I'll do so.

Thanks for any assistance!


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