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HID Kit Mini One D F56

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before.

My next door neighbour fitted an HID 6000 Xenon kit to his merc today, I love it and would love these lights on my mini one d f56. But I've searched ebay bulbs.

Firstly, can you just put the bulbs straight in?

Secondly, can you get one for the always on fog lights in the bottom?

Sorry if it sounds silly, Ive no clue!
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Also look at Phillips 130% H4's as well as the Osram to replace the headlamp bulbs. Got mine on-line from Power Bulbs (discount codes abound). Also swapped the sidelights for Phillips Blue Vision at the same time for a whiter light.

I looked at swapping the DRL bulbs but it's an odd fitment and there isn't much about at present. You could go for LEDs however I believe they are not currently legal though of course you'll have three years grace until the first MOT ;-) Then there is the CANBUS issue as well potentially throwing an error message. Let us know if you track down any error free ones.

Regards Bob
Are the led lights for the drls H4 settings?

This sounds silly but where are the side lights. I only have one bulb in my front headlight?
The sidelights are to be found in the lights in the bumper. As mentioned the headlamps are H4's, and the DRL's are PSX24W

Regards Bob
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Can't believe you have actually asked this.

Turn your sidelights/parking lights on and get out of your car, walk to the front and have a look.
Now, now............we've all got to start somewhere........... ;)

Regards Bob
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