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HID Kit Mini One D F56

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before.

My next door neighbour fitted an HID 6000 Xenon kit to his merc today, I love it and would love these lights on my mini one d f56. But I've searched ebay bulbs.

Firstly, can you just put the bulbs straight in?

Secondly, can you get one for the always on fog lights in the bottom?

Sorry if it sounds silly, Ive no clue!
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It all depends on the output, if the light output it to high, the EU says automatic levelling and headlamp wash must be fitted. An eagle eyed MOT tester could fail you on this. Hence most HID kits are ilegal to use on the road. The factory LEDs must have an output lower than that limit, because they don't have headlamp wash, not sure about self level (not got my mini yet), also not sure what would be involved in swapping to LEDs.

If you want brighter headlights the easy route is more powerful bulbs, I can recommend Osram Nightbreakers, but even BMW sell more powerful bulbs. The only downside is bulb life is a little shorter.
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Simplest to just replace the bulbs you have with Osram Nightbreakers for both the headlights and the DLR's, they will be nice a bright, and you won't get any error message, and its legal. Your mini manual will explain how, just don't touch the bulb glass as you do it.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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