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HID Kit Mini One D F56

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before.

My next door neighbour fitted an HID 6000 Xenon kit to his merc today, I love it and would love these lights on my mini one d f56. But I've searched ebay bulbs.

Firstly, can you just put the bulbs straight in?

Secondly, can you get one for the always on fog lights in the bottom?

Sorry if it sounds silly, Ive no clue!
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how come they are illegal?

can I get a legal kit?

does any kit work though?
Yeah just want brighter bulbs.

Didn't realise it was illegal!

If I wanted brighter bulbs can you get matching ones for the drls

Wish I had got the led halo ring now. Is there any way of retrofitting one or a similar aftermarket product?
So I can get canvas type less for the bottom.

Do you know what style size and good brand I should get?
Are the led lights for the drls H4 settings?

This sounds silly but where are the side lights. I only have one bulb in my front headlight?
I might have some spare Osram nightbreakers and a matching set of Osram sidelight bulbs they all give a lovely bright blue(ish) light and are fully legal - they were on my R56 and I now have LEDs on my F55 - I'm not entirely sure they are the same but I'm guessing they are. Maybe someone can confirm.

I've just moved house, but if I can find them you can have them for free, as you sound like you need a bit of help. I'm only the other side of Henfield and am usually in Brighton at some point most weekends.

Let me see if I can dig them out and I'll let you know
Oh mate cheers you're really kind. I'm Henfield anyway what a star. Do you know if they'll fit?

Oh and thanks Caveman Dave. Really appreciated your comment there. Very helpful. Sorry I don't know what every description of light it. I know what sidelights are but if you saw I said it only has one Light bulb in my front headlight from what I can see
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