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Hi all ,

just wondering how many F56's cooper D's are out there doing highish miles -mine will be over 20,000 miles in a week or so , it was purchased June 2014 . Car has been really reliable not to mention a lot of fun.

It is a very solidly built car the only criticisms are;

2 rattles- 1 from centre speaker grille which the dealer has failed to fix.

The other rattle sounds like its coming from the driver side visor ?? but it only does it on a short sharp bump so not the end of the world.

and the slight engine hesitation that happens just after you change gear.

The wheels were swopped front to rear a few weeks ago at about 16,000 miles (at the same time as a service but the wheel swop cost £60 ouch!) and they still have plenty of tread on them. I am hoping to get through the summer months with them ( doing 2K per month so will have to see how far they can go) and have some new ones for winter months.

Average economy over 19,400 miles is 59.3mpg (worst fill up was 54mpg , best was 69mpg) so I am very happy with that .

All in all an amazing little (but very grown up) car! I am looking forward to the next 20,000 miles
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