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Ok 2000 miles in on Emmett the f54 s,and with some amazi g deals at eurocarparts on oils time for a quick oil change after the run in period. Notnecessary i know but if we do keep him......for £17 for 4l fully synthetc ll04 oil why not!

Little hatch open sump plug out. Shock one no washer. Anyone else found this. ? No filter change,seemed silly this early, so as per other's guesses 4.5 l measured in as a conservative guess. I then like to dribble in oil to the max mark. Off for a ride and the check showed guess what bang on full!!!! Now is it.? Really could that guess be that accurate. Has anyones check shown increments from less rhan full? Yes i know 1\2 l for filter and the circulating oil is about right but it's bang on! I really hate this plus of course to check it you sit there engine running wasting petrol please bmw can we have the dipstick back!:crying:
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