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How to download the latest sosftware!

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Hi everyone,

Thought I would check & try downloading the latest software for my new MCS, built March 2014.

I went to the mini software website & chose the option to download software.

1st Question: it doesn't ask for VIN number or model, so is there just one standard generic software for all Mini's no matter what spec you have?

2nd Question: can you download the software from a Mac?

I downloaded the software from the website and transferred that to a USB stick. I plugged that into my mini and chose software update but it says no USB or software can be found.

I have HUD, media pack XL, satnav, and enhanced Bluetooth.
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Nerd perspective

Just a general observation (as a Software Engineer)-- Be very careful about updating your MINI in this fashion.

I never install the latest update for any of my devices, unless there's a security issue. The reason is I have found over the years that occasionally the developers screw up and you get a bad update. People have bricked their phones, for example, with dodgy updates. I don't necessarily think that a bad update will brick your MINI, but the thing is a crazy bundle of interconnected computers, far more complex than a phone.

I always wait until an update has been out in the wild for long enough that any glitches surface, before I install it on a device. Often that means waiting for the following update to be published (so yes, I do tend to run a version behind on all my devices).

Especially if the update site does not provide a way to enter your VIN, I would be very careful about installing updates. The last thing you want to do is brick your MINI. Better safe than sorry.

Also, don't go to MINI of North Korea for your software update. Just sayin'
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I would have thought BMW have tested it in the "field" before released. Having owned full fat BMW's for years where software updates are sent over the air for time to, without a problem. I realise downloading it to a device can bring on it's own problems
Yes, legitimate and conscientious vendors will beta test the snot out of any software before it is released into the wild. Glitches directly attributable to the update code are consequently very rare.

Even so, sometimes a related system will barf because of some unforeseen (and arguably unforeseeable) interaction between the old system and the new code. If some sub-system gets an update between major updates on the main system, the next main system update can expose a bug that was introduced in the subsystem update.

I trust the vendors, but fear the untested interfaces.

But you're probably fine in the end. More likely to screw up the install process than to get a bad update.
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