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I need some input on Wheel Spacers and what you guys are running. I want the flush look on the rear and front like in the pic below. I lowered the car with NM Springs and will keep my16 OEM Wheels. The Video from ESC helped but.....

I wonder if I should go with 8mm in the front and 18 mm in the rear. Got a better idea please let us know.


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I have a set of 17x7 ET54 OEM wheels I'm putting on for winter use and I'm planning on going for 10mm front and 12mm rear.

Have seen many put 15mm rear and have no issues but as I'm running 215 tyres I think I would prefer to keep on the safe side.

I noticed that the rear arch lining at the rear can work loose and cause some rubbing issues if it's too tight so would prefer to avoid this.

There was some images posted up from someone who put 20mm spacers on but for me it looked too agressive (especially as it wasn't lowered) for my tastes.

As you are using OEM 16x6.5 ET54 wheels with 195/55/16 tyres you will have 6.3mm less poke than with OEM 17x7 ET54 wheels so you shuld be OK with wider spacers (12 & 15 perhaps for safer stance or 15 & 20 for more aggressive stance with disclaimer for possible rubbing issues)

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ECS rents a Wheel Spacer Fitment Kit. It's $129.00 USD to rent and when you return the kit they refund you $110.00 toward your next purchase.

You might be able to find it somewhere else for less but it will let you play around in the garage with different spacers. Here's the kit, LINK.

This wheel spacer kit is designed to test fit different thickness adapters to determine which one works best on your car. These are for test fit only and only work on one wheel at a time. Kit contains 5 different thickness spacers and 3 each of most popular nuts and or studs, depending on application. Spacers are drilled with 5 different bolt patterns. Works with 4 X 100 , 5 X 100, 5 X 112, 5 X 120, 5 X130mm lug patterns. NOTE: Car cannot be driven with test spacers, they are designed for test fit only.
Each kit contains the following:
1mm Spacer, 2.5mm Spacer, 5mm Spacer, 10mm Spacer, 15mm Spacer
Also contains 3 each of:
M12x1.5 17mm Head Conical Seat Nut (60 degree cone)
M12x1.5 17mm Head Ball Seat Nut (24mm ball diameter)
M14x1.25 17mm Head Ball Seat Nut (24mm ball diameter)
M14x1.5 17mm Head Conical Seat Nut (60 degree cone)
M14x1.5 17mm Head Ball Seat Nut (24mm ball diameter)
M14x1.5 19mm Head Ball Seat Nut (28mm ball diameter)
M12x1.5 80mm Stud
M14x1.5 80mm Stud
M14x1.25 80mm Stud
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currently i have 15mm all around. the back is perfect but the front does stick out a bit too much for me. i just ordered a set of 10mm for the front. my spare set of 15's will be available in a week or so. i wont need them anymore..

i am running 215's btw
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