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Well Karl....the white over blue looks better to me in the pic above. It's truly a balancing act isn't it? Being in Arizona says "white roof" but I love my black MINI & the black roof with spoiler is so cool imo!

Pepper white or one of the other silver/silver white colors with black roof would look stellar too!

BRG with white roof is a classic look!


Have fun!

There's always VO with black roof as well! That would look great with black wheels!


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Everyone has their matter which color combo you choose, I am sure with your good taste your baby will look marvellous.

Personally, I prefer white roof and white mirror caps, with a lighter body color.
Dark Body Colors tend to make the car look smaller and shows ALL marks on the paint.

In addition, after about 1 year you can see how the darker paint color fades. Then it no longer looks like showroom condition for those who care. For me, wheels should always match the roof color......for white roof I prefer silver wheels, not white ones.

These decisions should be our biggest worries in life.

......enjoy with whatever decision you make, I am sure it will be the right one !
You're correct about us all liking different colors, but I can't agree with your statements about black. I have several black cars, some metallic & one is solid black (my '88 M5 with original Glasurit paint with no clearcoat). Black, or any color, will not look good over time if not taken care of, but brighter colors like red especially tends to fade easier, not black. Black will show imperfections more, this is why so many high end collector cars in black that have perfect straight panels & fit will easily bring more money due to their spectacular look when done right!

I do agree that dark colors tend to make some cars look smaller....that also goes with regard to using certain color combinations, including wheel color choice. Also, I still believe the larger wheels look better on the F56 MINI too.

Certain colors are more difficult for a body/paint shop to match than others...white is the toughest color to match, black (especially non-metallic) is the easiest to match.

For someone who doesn't care if their car looks dirty, has swirl marks, and uses an automatic car wash, etc. white or silver may be for you. I love white...I have a Chamonix '72 2002tii that is gorgeous, but white doesn't show body lines as well as some colors like black and silver.

Choosing a color depends on more than personal preference for a particular color, but how you want the car to be presented and how well it looks on the body style you want including bumpers, the car's profile, etc.

Some people prefer classic MINI colors, others like a color just because they like a particular color, but it might not be the best color for the car you want.

So, a lot of thought should go into your decision. But, bottom needs to be fun right? I believe this is why the online configurator is so much fun to play with! I only wish it wasn't wrong on certain things, as it has been in the past...for instance it "still" says the 18" cup spoke wheels are 7.5" wide while they are 7" wide!

I believe the best middle of the spectrum colors are probably blue, green, or chocolate/coffee colors.
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