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Yes folks it is true I finally had to step into the 21st Century. I went out and bought an Ipod so I can listen to music while driving my Mini since the F56 does not have a Cd Player.:(:(

Now I have the pleasure to burn about 600 Cd,s to listen to my 80ths Music like Sister of Mercy Kate Bush and Goth Bands from when I was handsome and had black Hair.:D

Yes I am one of the very few that does not own an Iphone.:nerd:

Keep in Mind I also still got Vinyl Records at Home and my 1966 Mercedes that I just sold had a Grundig FM/AM 8 Track in the Dash still working like a charm after 45 Years.

I am the Posterboy of not been a Hipster........ but I guess it is never to late to follow the Flock of mindless Consumption.......>:D>:D>:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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