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Impatiently waiting new MCS (UK)

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It's been just over 3 weeks since I made my order.

I am so excited it's all j ever think about and I'm getting too addicted to this forum and you tube video's that my husband thinks I need help!

Crazy thing is I have had 2 other mini's years ago and as they were getting on andhad high miles I swore never again.

One visit to Chester Mini and I was sold, and I still haven't had a test drive!

Hope it lives up to all this excitement as I'm going crazy ?...
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2 weeks down, 8 to go...I'm hoping for end of April but then I was originally told end of March so Lord knows when we'll get our new Mini hoping for a solid date on Tuesday....and I feel your pain. I've done the YouTube so many times that I could build my own!
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I've gone down the Orange route, first car was an Orange Clubman back in 1989 God knows how I didn't kill myself in that car...loved the Moonwalk Grey & Thunder Grey but decided on nostalgia.

I've ordered;
Mini Cooper 5 Door
Volcanic Orange
Black Roof
Roof Bars
Black Mirrors
Black Bonnet Stripes
Chili Pack
Roulette Rims
Reverse censors
Visual Boost Radio

I've never speced a car before and when I test drove it, it really did remind me of days gone by! 8 weeks to go...(fingers crossed)
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Yep. It's all about the budget (unfortunatly) would loved to of had the HUD infact I think the battle was Victory wheels and HUD or Roulette rims. Rims won. :0)
2 months and no contact, that's poor.
In all fairness I have had a call from the dealer each week with an update, all be it the same message over the last 3 with "in production".
I queried it this week as I assumed all cooper s were manufactured in UK but was told mine is coming from Germany but should get it in for 30/03. I feel doubtful, but who knows.
What spec did you order?

I've asked for a weekly call even tho I get the same info. My sales chap just sends a screen shot of our order off their ordering system which tells us what week it's due for production and delivery to dealer.
Exactly what I got, screenshots. Also, budget prevented some of the options I would have liked. Mine got delivered yesterday, pick up Thursday.
Wow, enjoy your day, be nice to see some pictures soon.
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