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Impatiently waiting new MCS (UK)

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It's been just over 3 weeks since I made my order.

I am so excited it's all j ever think about and I'm getting too addicted to this forum and you tube video's that my husband thinks I need help!

Crazy thing is I have had 2 other mini's years ago and as they were getting on andhad high miles I swore never again.

One visit to Chester Mini and I was sold, and I still haven't had a test drive!

Hope it lives up to all this excitement as I'm going crazy ?...
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If you think it's bad now, just wait... people will think you're certifiable in a few weeks. I ordered mine the 2nd week of Feb and I was fine... watched the how-to videos. Then I got my production number, set up my Mini Owner's account and I went back through all the videos. THEN I got my VIN... started reading the owner's manual and downloaded my Mini Connected app for a car that doesnt yet exist. As of Wednesday, my status was "Scheduled for production" and I watched all the factory tour videos (the National Geographic show is very good) and all the history of Mini shows. I'm out of YouTube video now, randomly re-watching one or two, limit myself to only checking the "Where's My Baby" link once a day, and hanging around here.

It freaks me out a little bit, because I've never been this bad about a car before, but then again, I've never gotten to order a car configured exactly the way I want. The nice thing about it, though, is that I've been able to determine conclusively that this is completely normal behavior for Mini people, so enjoy it! The best advice I've seen (in a similar thread on this site) is not to start second guessing your order, don't get all wrapped up in reading about the problems a few folks are having and get scared, and enjoy the whole experience!
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Nice! I went orange with black stripes, roof and mirrors as well. Victory spoke silver wheels.

I'd have loved to go with a different set of wheels, but I maxed out the budget by putting in the automatic trans, the US market "wired package" with the XL Nav and all the goodies in that, plus a HUD. Ran out of money before I ran out of wish list.
I'm gonna bet that the answer to question #1 is "Mostly Mini People" and the answer to #2 is "Both" lol
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