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Since my steering rack was replaced my car now performs much better. it was on the computer having its software upgraded for over 3 hours apparently. I am told that the dealers do not know what upgrades are done to the car - the factory don't tell them.
firstly over 2 tankfuls of fuel in the past 10 days my phone app has recorded mpg at over 60mpg and that is driving in 'sport' mode mainly. Previously I was struggling around the 51 -55mpg.
My car has always struggled to pull in 6th gear at less than 60mh. I now notice that it is quite happy pootle along in 6th at 50 and overall the car feels much livelier.
The driving assistant seems also to be more stable with fewer collision warnings in traffic.
Shame about the poor care from BMW Allianz as I am really liking the car now.
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