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I saw these online a couple months ago and I needed to have it. After a while I was able to get a hold of Mako @ MINIMAX and got it shipped to San Diego in about a week and a half, and that's with a weekend and a holiday in the way!

Once I got it, it looked like a pretty daunting task. Splicing, routing wires from passenger side to driver side, pulling apart several panels, plugs, taking the gauge assembly itself apart, and each gauge face has three panels each(the EL glow panel, white overlay, and top gauge face). That and the PDF instructions were very detailed with many pictures - but were entirely in Japanese. No surprise there, and Google Translate gave me enough info that from start to finish, including translating, only took a few hours. If I had to do it again, I could probably be done in an hour or so.

Only snags I hit was this is obviously setup for a right hand drive F56, so the wiring and placement instructions needed some simple ad-libbing to get it to work. Hardest part was splicing the wires as you can see in pic #2 , that gray plug is at the front of that panel in a RHD F56. I was not so lucky in my LHD MINI, but I was still able to get it done. They also suggest to mount the EL dial in the glovebox, but that wasn't an option and I mounted it on the backside of the driver side knee panel instead. Also - the loud-as-(heck) turn signal ticker is in the gauge assembly so I covered that a bit w/ black felt to deaden some of that sound while I was there.

I love it, and even though it primarily reads KPH, it's got MPH in blue right below it. It doesn't matter anyway as I use the screen readout for the speedo, but in my opinion it's nice to add back some of that feel that BMW removed from the interior trying to class the joint up a bit.

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