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New to the forum! :)

I have had experience with coding my R53. Canbus is pretty wild thing and surprisingly very attractive to hacking! ;)

I got this really crazy idea - to install a Mini F56 speedo instrument cluster to R53.
I know, I know, sounds crazy and probably would not be doable, but listen to the plan.

Physically it should fit - I have idea to 3D-model and 3D-print a new back part for the cluster so that it fits nicely the R53.
Technically I'm thinking of using an translator (canbus stylle 1 <-> arduino <-> canbus style 2).
Ideally, if the canbus messages have not changed that much, the new cluster could understand some of the old canbus.

Here is my project steps:
1. Get one 3rd gen speedo.
2. Reverse engineer the 3rd gen Canbus, controll it with arduino
3. Reverse engineer the 1st gen Canbus, make the arduino read it.
4. If I get here, writing a translator should be easy
5. Retrofit the new cluster

Help I need:
From someone with Mini F56. I would like to get the canbus talk from the newer mini MCU and if possible cross-talk between MCU and the cluster. This is required to reverse engineer the communication.

Also if some folks here are more experienced with differences between 2014 and 2003 canbus and their complications, let me know. I need all the help I can :)

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