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There are a couple threads about ordering up the JCW and I'm sure those folks have good info about insurance at this point, but as for the 210... being a limited edition... hmmm...

Hi johnboy

Have you tried moneysupermarket? That's the only site that will identify the new JCW but I don't think the 210. I got a quote from Admiral for £156 for my upcoming JCW but there were only 4 choices with 1 at a ridiculous £1040 and that's for a mature driver!!

Even Mini Insurance (Allianz) who you would think would be on the ball had no idea!!

I contacted other sites and found out that they have to wait for Thatcham etc to update information. This normally occurs monthly so there should be more info coming soon. Still not much help for those who want to check out cost etc before taking the plunge.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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